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Science Days in Boston

Throughout the Winter Recess, the Salisbury Center for Career Services and Professional Development will sponsor a variety of trips for students across a wide array of disciplines and interests. Each program offers Hobart and William Smith students the opportunity to meet and network with alums within their field of interest in order to gain in-depth insight into the daily lives of these individuals.

This year, Career Services introduces two new programs to their roster: Boston Environmental Science Day on Tuesday, Jan. 14, and Boston Science Day on Wednesday, Jan. 15.

“With the success of our programs in the worlds of finance, advertising and politics, we wanted to expand our offerings to include the sciences,” says Director of Career Services Brandi Ferrara. “The on-campus curriculum for the natural sciences is strong, and these programs reflect not only our dedication to these fields, but they serve to acknowledge the incredible work our alums are doing in the sciences.”

Boston Environmental Studies Day invites students to learn more about the careers in environmental studies, energy, and policy from numerous angles. The inaugural program includes speakers from the Conservation Law Foundation, the Marine Fish Conservation Network, United States Geological Service, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

For those pursuing careers in other scientific fields, Boston Science Day will explore careers in biology, chemistry, biotechnology and healthcare. Meeting with students are professionals from the Clinical Microbiology and Pathology Department at Brigham Women’s Hospital, Genetic Counseling Center at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, AstraZeneca, and 3M Touch Technology.

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