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Everett ’73 Launches Thrive Ice Cream

Trying to get a picky eater or elderly patient to consume the necessary foods to ensure proper nutritional intake can be a tall task. Frank Everett ’73, founder of Thrive Frozen Nutrition, came up with a solution for this: ice cream.

Everett is the mastermind behind Thrive Ice Cream, a sweet treat packed with the nutrients of an ordinary meal, but with the texture and taste of one of the world’s favorite frozen delights.

“I realized how important this product could be for feeding people,” Everett says. “It was my obligation and purpose to make this happen. Ice cream is the world’s favorite food, if you turn it into a complete balanced nutritional food, then you can feed anyone.”

Everett, who has worked in marketing and advertising throughout most of his career, notes that the “Aha!” moment came about 10 years ago when he realized that ice cream is a perfect carrier of nutrition. He soon realized that ice cream possessed the basic properties to disguise the presence of added nutrition, while maintaining the same taste and texture of regular ice cream.

“Ice cream has butter fat which disguises most added ingredients and it is made in a cold process so the added vitamins and minerals do not get disturbed and taste funny,” he adds.

Everett notes that the biggest challenge to providing nutritious food to patients and other people in need of vital nutrients is the barrier of taste. This barrier, he says, inhibits patients from getting the nutrients they need.

“Ice cream reverses this barrier by creating a delicious and nutritious product that allows patients to enjoy the pleasure of ice cream, while getting the essential nutrients they need,” he says.

Everett moved to Arkansas for two years to work with a food scientist at a premium ice cream company. During that time, he built prototypes, did test-manufacturing, made adjustments, and ran trials at hospitals and nursing homes.

Currently, Everett is rolling out the product at retailers such as Walmart and Publix, along with supplying to major nursing homes and hospitals across the country.

The product comes in four flavors-vanilla, strawberry, milk chocolate and chocolate fudge-and tastes like ordinary ice cream. In addition, the product is gluten-free and lactose-free. A two-pack can be purchased for $3.50.

At HWS, Everett earned a B.A. in philosophy and was a member of the orchestra.

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