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Holmes ’92 Featured in LA Splash

Rob Holmes ’92 was recently featured in L.A. Splash magazine in an article about this year’s Los Angeles Times Travel Show. Holmes is founder and president of Green Living Project, a filmmaking and marketing company that creates short films to showcase examples of sustainability in action. At the show, he presented “The Power of Storytelling,” one of several conferences that addressed key topics and trends in the travel industry.

According to the article, Holmes “addressed the topic of real, authentic storytelling. As Holmes explained, storytelling starts with these three core questions: Why are you telling this story? Who are you telling this story to? What will the impact be?”

The writer went on to note Holmes “tells inspiring stories about people and places with an angle of strong purpose and character, thus, immediately engaging the viewer and enveloping them with the story. GLP films specifically focuses their stories on four fundamental topics: Travel, Wildlife, Food, and Education. Out of the short films we were shown, ‘New Roots in Salt Lake City: Food Security Through An Urban Farming Revolution,’ in my opinion, stood out the most because the viewer is presented with a city that isn’t a typical conversation-starter, yet, with this short film, it not only has character but the viewer wants to know more because they are touched by the people and message portrayed in the film; thus, the power of real storytelling.”

Holmes is a well-known photojournalist and adventure traveler with more than 200 multi-media presentations on expeditions to more than 70 countries. Photography from Holmes’ travels was featured in the Spring 2010 issue of the Pulteney St. Survey.

With nearly 20 years of experience within the outdoor retail and travel industries with companies such as R.E.I., E.M.S., and Trails.com, he has worked and consulted with leading international conservation organizations. He earned his B.A. in environmental studies from Hobart College and went on to receive his MBA in international business, environmental management and marketing from University of Washington. As a Hobart student, he played soccer, minored in biology, and was a member of Sigma Chi.

Holmes participated in the Colleges’ Los Angeles: Behind the Scenes winter break program in 2013 as a member of the panel discussing the art of making movies.

The full article from Splash magazine is online.