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Building Your Digital Toolbox

The departments of art & architecture, mathematics, and computer science will begin hosting a series of workshops focusing on AutoCAD and laser cutting digital fabrication technologies on Wednesday, Feb. 12.

“This semester’s Digital Workshop is a segue into the arena of new digital softwares and fabrication methodologies,” says Assistant Professor of Architecture Gabriella D’Angelo. “Not only advantageous for the Colleges in our development of courses, research and initiatives, these technologies will play a key role in many of the professional pursuits that our students continue with after graduating from HWS.”

Each session will include a 30-minute demonstration to introduce the digital tools gradually and ensure proficiency.

“As a crucial component in the conception and realization of contemporary developments, digital technologies have made vast transformations within the fields of architecture, design, construction, transportation, weapons industry, biomedical and beyond,” D’Angelo says. “Building our digital toolbox allows for us to not only listen in on this never ending conversation but, more importantly, opens up the opportunity for us to participate in it.”  

In order to participate, interested students, faculty and staff should come to the workshop with the most recent version of AutoCAD (the free educational version is available here) downloaded on your fully charged personal laptop with a computer mouse. If you do not have a laptop, computers are available for use.

There are 12 open seats this semester, available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact Professor D’Angelo for more information.

Workshops will be held in Houghton House, Room 212 on Wednesday nights from 5 to 6 p.m.