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Duval ’91 Authors Young Adult Book

Christine Fasbach Duval ’91 has released her debut novel, “Positively Mine.” The novel was published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books and is widely available in electronic book format.

“Positively Mine” tells the story of a recently-arrived college freshman Laurel, who is stunned to learn that she is pregnant from a summer relationship. Laurel chooses to hide her pregnancy from friends and family. Set in the Finger Lakes region of New York, the novel highlights the typical feelings of new college students with an exciting plot and dramatic tensions.

“My goal was to write a good coming of age story filled with flawed characters who make mistakes but who are likable and real,” Duval says. “‘Positively Mine’ is as much about family dynamic and how it is affected by life circumstances that are out of our control as it is about teen pregnancy.”

Duval’s experience at Hobart and William Smith was the foundation for the setting of Duval’s novel, which takes place in the fictional town of Milton. The small-town atmosphere of the Finger Lakes town provides a backdrop for the emotional consequences of her protagonist’s situation. At HWS, Duval graduated cum laude in Asian Studies and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. On campus, she was also a Resident Assistant and an active participant in the skiing club.

Since graduation, Duval has held several positions in social media. As a freelance copywriter for numerous magazine websites, she has been allowed the flexibility and freedom to pursue her passion for creative writing. She has taken advanced fiction workshops and joined professional writing organizations, which encouraged the crafting of “Positively Mine.”

The novel has been released as part of the Bloomsbury Spark electronic book line, which is geared toward high school and college readers. Bloomsbury Spark books are available on any eReader device.

Information on “Positively Mine” may be found at http://www.bloomsbury.com/us/positively-mine-9781619634657/