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Do Zombies Sleep?

Dave Pullano ‘84 recently had his illustrated children’s book, “Do Zombies Sleep?:  An Impractical Guide to Monsters, Mutants and Magical Creatures,” published by Old Line Publishing Company.

With accompanying illustrations by Patrick Connelly, the 30-page book takes a comical glance at the lives of monsters, with an attempt to unveil some of the mysteries surrounding their mystical lifestyles.

Inspired by his son Jake’s simple question: “Dad, do zombies sleep?” Pullano explains how this question developed into an idea for a children’s book.

“As a writer, I’m always scribbling down ideas as well as funny things my son Jake would say,” he explains. “A few years back, I picked up an old journal and saw something Jake asked me when he was five, “Do zombies sleep?” It struck me as the title for a fun kids’ book. The hard part was figuring out the rest, which broadened the concept to include questions about other monsters and magical creatures.”

Pullano is an award-winning comedic writer whose career spans film, television, print and digital. Over the years, he has written and produced content for a variety of TV networks and web channels. In addition, he has served as a contributing editor to the Los Angeles Times and Script Magazine.

He is currently a development executive at Zodiak LA in Santa Monica, Calif.

Pullano graduated from Hobart with a B.A. in economics and was a member of Phi Kappa Tau, and a member of the tennis and golf teams.