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Pitocchelli’s search featured

Dr. F. Jay Pitocchelli ’79, a professor of biology at St. Anselm College in Manchester, N.H., and his pursuit of the mourning warbler, were described in a story in the July 24 edition of the New Hampshire Sunday News, published in Manchester.

Pitocchelli, who joined the St. Anselm faculty in 1992, has been recording the two-part song of the mourning warbler since his graduate school days at City University of New York. His travels, supported by a research grant from St. Anselm, have taken him across the northeastern United States and to Newfoundland and the Northwest Territory of Canada.

His field research equipment includes a parabolic microphone, digital audio recorder and binoculars, as well as a GPS system and laptop computer. The birds nest in dense shrubbery and open deciduous woods, avoiding mature forests for lack of cover. They move on as the woods grow from low cover to taller trees. While in the field, he is often the only human around for more than 20 miles, he told correspondent Scott Dolan.

Pitocchelli, who also holds a master’s degree in psychology from the Memorial College of Newfoundland and his doctorate in psychology from CUNY, is married to Dr. Kris Eschbach, a radiology resident at Maine Medical Center in Portland.