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Irish Women Singers, Songs Lecture

Mary McPartlan will give a public lecture, “A History of Irish Traditional Women Singers and Songs since the 1900s,” on Monday, April 14. McPartlan is director of the highly successful and popular innovative Arts in Action program and a teaching member of the staff at National University of Ireland, Galway. The lecture will take place in Trinity 300, from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

A high-profile professional singer, her albums include the critically acclaimed “The Holland Handkerchief” and “Petticoat Loose.” She was the producer of many significant national cultural events in Ireland, including the concept and development of the TG4 National Traditional Music Awards, a 12-part music series for Irish language television channel TG4, and founder and producer of the innovative, award-winning theatre association.

“Mary is one of those wonderful people who is both an accomplished singer and a serious student of the genre. These two aspects of her life and work support each other, and make her lectures informative and entertaining,” says Associate Professor of Art and Architecture Nick Ruth. He met McPartlan while directing the semester abroad program to Galway, Ireland, in the fall and helped coordinate her upcoming visit. “Her voice is rich and strong, and beautifully animates the history of Irish music.”

McPartlan specializes in theatre and performance at the University and also the history of Irish culture and the traditional arts. She received a Fulbright Scholarship in 2013 to Lehman College (CUNY), which enabled the development of the performance illustrated lecture which she will present at the Colleges.

Additionally, she collaborated with the legendary Jazz pianist Bertha Hope and has developed a unique sampling of work which has seen three performances in New York since September 2013. A new double CD is in research for 2014 to include a tribute to the legendary Jean Ritchie from the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky.

The lecture will be sponsored by the Center for Global Education and co-sponsored by the Music, European Studies, and the History departments.