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Eyle ’15 Starts Radio Show in Spain

Maximilian Eyle ’15 is the writer, producer, editor and host behind an English language radio program about study abroad experiences that aired last year in Barcelona, Spain.

Titled “The Iberian Injection-Your Show Away From Home” and recorded at the Colleges’ radio station WEOS-FM, Eyle’s weekly radio show ran in a series of eight, half-hour programs.

“It can be described as a reflection show,” said Eyle, who studied abroad in Spain through the Colleges’ Sevilla program. “While we’ll give a lot of information about advice and lessons learned, we’re also hashing out many differences, such as the language barrier and how to overcome it.”

“The Iberian Injection” was one of a select few English language programs on the Barcelona-based radio station, “Cooltura FM.” Eyle said this is because they are targeting a specific audience: American students studying abroad in Spain.

“We’ll explore cultural and political differences, but also reflect on our collective experiences,” Eyle said.

The idea for Eyle’s show originated while he was abroad during the fall 2013 semester. Associate Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies Caroline Travalia lead the trip and organized various excursions around Spain on the weekends.

One such weekend, students visited “Cooltura FM” in Barcelona. Max talked with various radio personnel at the station and expressed interest in a collaborative project. He stayed in touch and pitched the program, which eventually lead to the “The Iberian Injection.”

“We love to see students connect with the people of the country where they are studying through a passion they have, whether it be sports, music, dance, cooking, or another activity,” Travalia said. “In this case, Max not only connected with Spaniards through radio while he was there, but he was able to continue that interaction after he returned to campus with this broadcast.”

Eyle said Greg Cotterill, station manager for WEOS and WHWS, piqued his interest in radio and has been a big influence.

“Greg Cotterill is a huge help,” he said. “He has been great with studio time and advice to help me coordinate the programs.”

A double major in history and American studies with a Spanish minor, Eyle previously interned in Syracuse with National Public Radio (NPR) station WAER 88.3 FM. He also has interned with the Finger Lakes Radio Group, which broadcasts on six local commercial radio stations. At WHWS-FM, he was a news anchor and co-host of a reggae show, “Around The Bend,” which is syndicated in Barcelona. He was also a member of a student band on campus.

“Max is passionate about radio, and he is lucky to be able to combine his other interests with that passion to produce a radio program that will showcase HWS students and their time spent in Spain,” Cotterill said. “I would like to hear Max one day working with NPR reporting from Europe, and this experience could very well lead to that.”