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Kinnevey ’09 Serves on Medical Missions

During the time leading up to her graduation from the School of Medicine at University of California, Davis (UC Davis), Christina Kinnevey ’09 has been traveling the world on several medical outreach missions.

Throughout the spring semester, Kinnevey traveled to Honduras through an international medical outreach program facilitated by the Christian Medical and Dental Association.

“I have been fortunate to go on three of these trips as a student,” she says. “I was the student leader on this year’s trip. Each day that our team was there we traveled to small villages to provide health care for adults and children, dental care, and eye glasses. It was a huge success – our team saw 300 to 400 patients on each day that we did outreach and we received lots of positive feedback from the patients and long-term mission organization that we partner with.”

Currently Christina is stationed in Kabale, Uganda with a UC Davis classmate, where she partnered with KIHEFO, a local healthcare and development organization. She has spent the past month working with health maternal/child health care providers conducting HIV/AIDS related outreach work and learning about the challenges of providing health care in a third world country.

Kinnevey’s work has included outreach at rural farming communities, working in a general clinic, serving in an HIV clinic and Nutrition Center for malnourished children, and various meetings to discuss development ideas. She is impressed with the KIHEFO organization’s unique holistic approach to health from teaching women how to make efficient “kitchen gardens” close to their house to rabbit breeding projects to increase protein intake.

Kinnevey says her experiences at HWS helped to prepare her for the efforts she undertook during graduate school. She also credits HWS for sparking her enthusiasm for working with the underserved, both nationally and globally.

As a member of several volunteer clubs and the Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning, Kinnevey was able to visit Cusco, Peru, as the 2007 Charles H. Salisbury Summer International Internship Stipend Award recipient. There, she did volunteer work with ProWorld Service Corps where she participated in women’s health outreach and delivered talks on nutrition, family planning and other basic health concepts. Her work also afforded her the chance to participate in the study abroad program to Copenhagen, Denmark.

As a student who was fairly confident in pursuing medicine since childhood, these experiences at HWS certainly helped continue that interest.

“I discovered how much fulfillment I really find in giving back to others and one door after another has seemed to open for additional exciting service opportunities,” she says.

This May, Kinnevey continues her passion to pursue family medicine as she earns her M.D. from UC Davis.