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Martinez ’12 Exploring Art in Paris

Paris, known by its nickname “The City of Love,” is a cultural melting pot for art in the world. Known for its architectural beauty and the museums located within the city, Paris is an ideal location to study art. It’s where Amelia Martinez ’12 is doing just that.

In Paris, Martinez is currently pursuing a master in fine arts with a focus on painting and illustration at the Paris College of Art.

“I’ve been passionate about art for most of my life,” Martinez says. “I majored in studio art in high school at LaGuardia High School in New York City. I knew it would be a part of my life at HWS as well. I decided to major in art history along with taking studio classes so I could understand more than one facet of the art world.”

Upon arriving at HWS, Martinez joined the William Smith soccer program and became active in the Art Department. Martinez credits her academic experience for preparing her for graduate school.

“Having the arts campus, wonderful professors like Professor of Art and Architecture Phillia Yi and extracurricular opportunities helped me evolve as a student,” says Martinez. “It gave me the confidence to be able to study at an art school in another country.”

During her junior year, Martinez spent a semester studying in the Aix-en-Provence in Southern France.

“It was such an incredible experience. Shortly after coming home I decided I had to go back to live for a longer period of time,” Martinez says.

This is what led her to apply for graduate school at The Paris College of Art.

Martinez says that attending Paris College of Art for a year was the perfect opportunity to improve her artistic skills as well as achieve her dreams of returning to France: “Paris is the quintessential place to live while studying art,” she says, “I have renowned museums and galleries at my fingertips at all times.”

Paris College of Art is a top art school and has a student and faculty based from around the world. The curriculum at the College allows for students to branch out and try new forms of art. Martinez comments that while her concentration at PCA is painting, she has “the freedom to take many different art courses,” including photography, illustration, painting, multimedia textiles, and modern art history.

“One thing I have learned traveling abroad and studying at HWS is that you can end up anywhere in the world,” she says. “My dream job would be to own my own gallery.”