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LaDuca ’04 featured in NOAA memo

Emily LaDuca '04, a member of a navigation team for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, was one of the employees praised in a recent Web memo from Conrad C. Lautenbacher Jr., a retired Navy vice admiral and NOAA administrator.

Lautenbacher described the work of several members of the navigation team in helping prepare the Mississippi River and Gulf Coast ports for navigation after Hurricane Katrina. The team created new maps, based in part on aerial photographs, showing locations of major storm debris and changes to the sea bottom, which often occur during severe storms, making nautical charts dangerously obsolete.

In a photo that was part of the memo, LaDuca and another member of the navigation team are shown on a railroad tie, using a laptop powered by a generator, to prepare a survey of wrecks and obstructions in the river near Baton Rouge, La. Additional teams worked elsewhere along the river, heading toward New Orleans, where more charting and surveying was needed.

While at HWS, LaDuca was a member of the Herons' cross country team and participated in research projects dealing with the geochemistry of Odell's Pond, a composting pilot study, and a study on the impact of zebra mussels in Seneca Lake.