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Young Adulterated Final Pilot Released

The final pilot of “Young Adulterated,” a 10-part film series written, directed, and filmed by Steve Gemmiti ’14, was released on the project’s website on June 3. Nearly twice as long and more refined than the series premiere shown at The Smith Opera House in April, Gemmiti explains this new release is “Finally representative of the product I knew it could be–and it’s only just the beginning. We have plenty left to show.”

Gemmiti, who worked under the guidance of Professor of English Grant Holly and his Honors adviser Professor of Media and Society Les Friedman, decided to create the film series at the beginning of his junior year, with the final product taking 15 months to complete; over the course of that time, they were able to put nearly all of the 10-part series to screen.

With a synopsis that reads: “the lives of five college students collide as they each try to navigate through an explosive junior year,” Gemmiti says “Young Adulterated” is a series that “deconstructs the classic conventions of college life.” He says it’s a richly developed storyline with multidimensional characters.

“The voices that the actors have brought to their characters have injected a whole new sense of purpose and life into the individuals that for so long existed exclusively on paper,” Gemmiti says. “The series has its own life and energy.”

The film series stars: Tripp Aquadro ’14, Emily Jaeckel ’15, Molly Naef ’16, Jeffrey Matos ’16, Chatham Anastasi ’16 and Walker Ward ’16. In addition to the five main student actors, Gemmiti says the series includes between 75 to 90 extras, and the majority of people credited for making the project possible have ties to the Colleges.

“Seeing the number of individuals from the HWS community involved in this project makes it a product of the Colleges as much as it is my own,” says Gemmiti. “The work done by all parties involved speaks for itself and the final product stands as a testament to what our students can do if given the opportunities afforded only by Hobart and William Smith Colleges.”

Gemmiti graduated this spring with a B. A. in media and society and a minor in computer science. On campus, he was a member of the Hobart rowing team, served as public relations officer for the media club, and earned the Dean’s Citizenship Award. He completed a summer internship working on the set of “The Place Beyond the Pines,” a film directed by Derek Cianfrance and starring Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper that debuted in the spring of 2013. He also participated in the invite-only 2012 Lake Placid Film Forum, completing a film in 24-hours with Brian Augustus ’12, Jessica Dinan ’14 and Abby Kent ’12.

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