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Cytryn ’14 Hired by Bloomberg

Courtney Cytryn ’14 was hired by Bloomberg L.P., an international business and financial leader following her graduation in May 2014. Bloomberg is known largely for its product, the Bloomberg terminal, which is software that contains economic market data that traders use every day to enhance their exchanges.

In September, Cytryn began an eight-week training program for Bloomberg as a global data analyst for the company. She was trained with other recent graduates from around the world in a classroom setting on various market sectors to familiarize the new employees before beginning their respective positions for the company. While Cytryn is located in the Princeton, which is the hub for data of the company, Bloomberg Nationwide also has offices in London, and Brazil, which she hopes to travel to during her career in finance.

“I’m excited to see how all the different sectors and divisions of such a big company work together,” she says. “Even more than all that, I can’t wait to be in such a vibrant setting, working with 28 other recent college grads from around the world in the training program, which will give me valuable experience before I move on to a specific sector.”

Cytryn praises the foundation gained through the HWS Salisbury Center for Career Services and Professional Development, which helped connect her to a vast repertoire of experience in the field before she graduated.

Previously, Cytryn did an abroad internship with Markit, a global financial information and services firm, at the company’s London offices during spring 2013. Cytryn completed a second internship with Markit during summer 2013 through which she gained experience that readied her for her current job at Bloomberg. Cytryn says she first got into contact with Markit on an HWS arranged New York City trip during winter break.

“Through this experience, I have gained new perspectives, created valuable relationships with employees, and realized the importance of developing good communication and social skills,” she says.

While at HWS, Cytryn offered insight on her experience obtaining internships in finance to other HWS students during a panel titled “How to Get an Internship in Finance” held in October 2013. Cytryn also interned at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the summer of 2012 and job shadowed at Dow Jones, UBS Bank and Deutsche Bank.

As an economics major, Cytryn was first exposed to the Bloomberg certified software that is available in economics lab in Stern Hall. Cytryn’s advice to HWS undergraduates is to utilize Careers Services, and to be “proactive, persistent and personable.”

She encourages current students to take advantage of the winter break HWS trips, which allow you to really see what a full day would be like for a company and even talk with representatives. She also advises students to job shadow as often as they can, and stay involved on campus. “HWS taught me how to network properly,” she says.

At HWS, Cytryn was elected as president of Community Council for Potter Dormitory and served as a member of the William Smith Congress. She was a member of the Leadership Institute, worked for the Office of Admissions, was a member of the Laurel honor society and served as an orientation mentor.

Cytryn also served as an ambassador for the Salisbury Center for Career Services and Professional Development, was a representative on the Honors Committee, played club lacrosse and was the PR Coordinator for the Seneca7 Race committee. Cytryn also did an independent study, analyzing Yum! Brands’ localization strategies in the context of the Chinese market.