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HWS Greek System Gives Back

During the 2013-2014 academic year, the seven fraternities at Hobart and William Smith Colleges volunteered more than 5,000 hours of community service; raised nearly $8,000 for Autism Speaks, American Cancer Society, The V Foundation and other charities; supported the Festival of Nations; and collected musical instruments for local students in need.

On campus, the Kappa Alpha Society held a successful fraternity colloquium in the fall that included participation from their Canadian chapters.

Kappa Sigma hosted their regional conclave on campus with workshops and brotherhood events, welcoming guests from various chapters including Cornell University.

Theta Delta Chi collaborated with Campus Greens in hosting a 6K run/walk, “Water is the Missing Piece of the Puzzle,” to raise funds and awareness about environmental challenges.

Sigma Chi has returned as an active colony while Phi Sigma Kappa returned to active status, bringing the total campus fraternal presence to seven active Greek organizations with 218 active members.

“The 2013-14 academic year has been very fortuitous for HWS Greeks,” says Kimberly Kochin, assistant director of Student Activities and fraternity adviser. “The historical rivalries between fraternities have gone by the wayside, replaced by more collaborative and concerted efforts by all brotherhoods. Seasoned brothers have taken upon themselves to educate the younger brothers on the history and the importance of the Greek system. They have also worked more closely with national headquarters, the Office of Student Affairs, and Alumni House.”

With increased collaboration among the Inter-Fraternity Council, campus offices, campus clubs and William Smith Congress, the Greek organizations on campus are concentrating their efforts on social change, with many Greeks holding leadership positions in Hobart Student Government and its sub-committees.

Each year, brothers are presented with opportunities to gain accreditation points and become eligible for monetary and honorary awards. The winners receive either a check or incentives toward brotherhood enhancements.

This year’s recipients include: Chi Phi, winners of the President’s Cup for Fraternal Excellence; Theta Delta Chi, for Citizenship and Service to Community; Kappa Alpha Society, for Academic Achievement; and Kappa Sigma, for Leadership. Delta Chi earned the Dr. Chris Howard Most Evolved Chapter Award, while Gregory Mathieu ’14 earned the Greek Man of the Year Award.

“Being named Greek Man of the Year is a great honor, especially because it something that is voted on by your peers,” Mathieu says. “One of the reasons that I may have been selected for the award was my work during my time as the IFC President to improve the relationship that fraternities haves with the administration. Some things that came out of this in my mind were safer plans for social events, empowering women to host social events, and a greater commitment to service and acceptance as an entire Greek Organization.”

To learn more about Greek Life on campus, visit the HWS fraternities’ home page.