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Salisbury Takes Haley ’15 from London to Rome

After finishing her nearly five-week internship with the National Churches Trust in London, Kelly Haley ’15 headed to the American Institute of Roman Culture in Italy, where she worked on the archeological dig at Ostia Antica, gaining more hands-on experience in heritage conservation.

The National Churches Trust (NCT) is an organization, supported by the British Crown, whose mission promotes and supports church buildings of historic, architectural and community throughout the British Isles. During her time in London, Haley created impact assessments for 2013 NCT grantees.

“These assessments haven’t been done before by the NCT, so I was their test subject to see exactly how this could be done,” said Haley, an architectural studies and history double major, who developed questionnaires for the grantees to examine relationship between the renovation work and the impact on the community.

That relationship, Haley said, “includes the community outreach that the place of worship is doing, as well as allowing non-faith based groups come and use the space, such as having a preschool in the building.”

She analyzed statistics and data, talked with congregation representatives, and compiled her own graphs and charts from the results. Visiting six of the 13 houses of worship she was assessing, Haley traveled to Wales, to the shore of the English Channel, and to the Midlands.

“The opportunity to travel even more within an international internship was amazing, and it allowed me to see more rural and low population areas of the U.K. that I would have never seen if not doing this internship,” she said. “The ability to have my own project, and almost be my own boss, was surprising to me, on top of the idea that I was able to trek around the U.K. on my own for work. For the first week, my typical day was compiling information and sorting through electronic and paper files to get as much information as I could on each grantee in order to start the impact assessment. By the second and third weeks, I was out of the office traveling the country in order to meet with the various congregations.”

During her last week with the NCT, Haley contacted those congregations she hadn’t visited, creating individual assessments and compiling information. “In the end, I had created huge files of information for each place of worship and created a series charts and graphs to relate them together.”

Haley also shadowed an architect for a day in Bath, which, combined with her experience at the NCT, “has significantly strengthened my interest in architectural history and research,” she said.

“The experience I have had at the NCT has strengthened my interest in historic and old places. It has also allowed me to fall more in love with travelling. For my future career I believe that the experience has given me more perspective about the impact of a structure after it is built and how adaptable a structure must be overtime in order to fit the needs of a user,” said Haley, “The experience has also allowed me to further my interest in research, which is something I wish to continue in the future.”

Haley continued her Salisbury Summer Internship in Rome, working on the archaeological dig at Ostia Antica, a harbor city of ancient Rome, shedding light on Italy’s history and culture at the time it was a major trading hub.

As part of the Salisbury Stipend program, Haley blogged her experience this summer at

The Salisbury Stipend is one of the most ambitious programs in the Colleges’ history. Created in 2007 by Honorary Trustee Charles H. Salisbury Jr. ’63, P’94, L.H.D.’08, former chair of the HWS Board of Trustees, the fund provides financial support for each of three students interested in pursuing an international internship experience in a location of the student’s choice. By supplementing classroom education with internship experience, students gain a practical understanding of the demands and rewards of future career opportunities as well as an opportunity to test their skills and realize their potential.

In the photo above, while in Bath, Kelly Haley ’15 spends an afternoon at Timothy Richards Studio, which makes plaster architectural models.