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Baker ’15 Interns with Mundipharma

Last summer, Georgia Baker ’15 completed an internship for the multinational pharmaceutical company, Mundipharma, in Basel, Switzerland. Baker, a political science major with a minor in law and society, worked with the company’s in-house lawyer.

As an intern with the legal department of the company, Baker helped to oversee transactions and regulations for its offices located across the globe in Africa, Asia and various countries in the Middle East. Baker, who was supervised by the company’s lawyer, participated in the drafting process of contracts that finalized Mundipharma’s upcoming expansion. Since laws regulating pharmaceutical companies vary across countries, Baker gained a multinational perspective on the field.

“Because of this, I am learning how the company operates within Switzerland and how the differing regulations affect operations with companies in various countries,” says Baker. “This has been very interesting, because I am learning about multiple forms of regulations rather than just one.”

Mundipharma is an innovative, research-based company that has developed partnerships with a wide range of pharmaceutical and biotech companies around Europe and the rest of the world. The organization provides fully integrated, strategic support and services to individual companies within the Mundipharma network and helps its partners gain approval from regulators and build markets for their products. The Mundipharma network of independent associated companies has a presence in 33 countries with more than 2,400 employees. The companies within the network have demonstrated exceptional market growth worldwide. In the last few years, companies within the network have successfully launched pain, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and respiratory disease treatments for patients across the world.

“Working for such a large pharmaceutical company has been very eye opening,” reflects Baker. “Being in-house I have found is very interesting because you are directly benefiting the company and are able to work with its various branches throughout the world. This field of law allows you to constantly travel and learn, which is something I find very important.”

Prior to this internship position, Baker had spent her two previous summers working for Purdue Pharma, a pharmaceutical company stationed in Stamford, Conn. On campus, she works for the Office of Advancement’s Call Center, working to reach out and connect with alums. She credits this position along with several of her political science courses in enhancing her communications skills and better preparing her for her current internship.

“I hope that I will learn a lot from my experience here so I will be able to apply it to my studies in the future,” she says.