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Dobkowski on Survivor’s Book

Professor or Religious Studies Michael Dobkowski was recently quoted in an online article of Connections, the Nazareth College alumni magazine. Dobkowski, who is HWS’ coordinator for The March: Bearing Witness to Hope, a nine-day Holocaust educational trip to Poland and Germany for students and faculty from Nazareth and HWS, was in the audience at Nazareth recently during a discussion with author and Holocaust survivor Henry Silberstern. The article is available online. The summer-fall issue of Connections also includes a link.

“We know the Holocaust is an example of the negative power of words,” Dobkowski is quoted, adding that Silberstern’s book counters that. “This is the positive power of words.”

A member of the faculty since 1976, Dobkowski is an expert on genocide, terrorism and the Holocaust. He holds bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees from New York University. A prolific writer, he has written “The Tarnished Dream: The Basis of American Anti-Semitism,” “The Politics of Indifference: Documentary History of Holocaust Victims in America,” “Jewish American Voluntary Organizations” and co-authored “Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear States & Terrorism” and “On the Edge of Scarcity.” He has co-written other volumes on the Holocaust and genocide, and also co-wrote “The Nuclear Predicament: Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century.”

During the fall of 2011, Dobkowski served as a visiting professor at Nazareth College, where he taught Jewish thought, the history and implications of the Holocaust, the American Jewish experience, and the history of anti-Semitism.

He has participated seven times in the Goldner (now Weinstein) Holocaust Symposium at Wroxton College in England, most recently in 2014; and was a fellow at the Institute for the Teaching of the Post-Biblical Foundations of Western Civilization at the Jewish Theological Seminary. He received the New York University Ferdinand Czernin Prize in History and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

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