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Portal Manages, Tracks Campus Involvement

The Office of Student Activities, the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning (CCESL) and Information Technology Services have launched a pilot of the web-based program, CollegiateLink, which students will use to apply for community service, civic engagement, or service-learning activities, as well as to manage their involvement in student clubs and organizations. HWS CollegiateLink will be launched during the HWS Involvement Expo on Friday, Sept. 5. Prior to the Expo, students will receive an email from student activities explaining how to set up a personal profile and use CollegiateLink.

In creating a profile, students will be asked to indicate what their interests are and what clubs, organizations or service activities in which they are already involved. Their personal page will then be customized so they can quickly see all opportunities available within their interest areas. Registration for all student club and organization events will be online and students will use HWS CollegiateLink to enroll in service-learning placements and apply for Federal Work Study jobs, including America Reads and America Counts or volunteering opportunities at the Boys & Girls Club of Geneva.

“HWS CollegiateLink has already played an important role with outreach for employment with America Reads and America Counts tutoring positions, and service-learning class placement,” explains Katie Flowers, director of CCESL. “HWS students engage in over 80,000 hours of community service and civic leadership opportunities annually; we’re confident that HWS CollegiateLink will enhance our ability and capacity to support students in finding meaningful ways to get involved in the community.”

Student leaders will have full control over their own clubs’ and organizations’ profiles and will find CollegiateLink to be an effective took for managing their groups by enabling them to keep real-time rosters of members online, send messages to the group or directly to individuals, invite individuals to join, manage elections, and schedule events. They will also be able to upload documents and forms that will remain on the site accessible to all members. This provides a more secure location for the information than on an individual’s laptop or drive and will alleviate the problem of having to recreate files when club leadership changes hands.

HWS CollegiateLink will chronicle students’ participation in engagement opportunities and events from around campus and in the community and create a personal involvement record that spans each student’s college career. This involvement record can be used in consideration for campus awards such as the President’s Civic Leadership Award, Engaged Student Scholar of the Year and/or as a supplement to job, graduate school or award applications.

“We’re hoping that when writing resumes or applying to graduate school or jobs, students will find HWS CollegiateLink to be a helpful tool in recalling how long they participated in a particular club and what leadership roles they held,” says Jessie Marullo, assistant director of student activities.

Student activities is sponsoring a scavenger hunt using the HWS CollegiateLink to encourage students to create their profile pages and become acquainted with the system. An email will be sent to all students prior to the Involvement Rxpo.

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