HWS dancers at national conference – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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HWS dancers at national conference

Two William Smith seniors and three dance professors were active in the National Dance Education Organization's conference, “The Spirit of Creativity,” Oct. 6-10 in Buffalo.

Elise Pederson '06 presented her paper, “Enhancing a Child's Learning Experience through Books and Creative Movement.”

Colleen Wahl '06 presented her honors work: “The Pattern that Connects: Body Movement and Creative Capacity.”

Assistant professor Cadence Whittier presented “Creativity in the Ballet Classroom?” and a concert performance of “Off” in Saturday's choreographic showcase.

Professor Donna Davenport presented “Composing the Composition Course: An Act of Creativity;” and in Sunday's choreographic showcase, a concert performance of “Essere III,” a duet performed with Michelle Iklé, adjunct assistant professor.