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Anderson Collection Opens at Stanford

A recent gift from Harry W. “Hunk” Anderson ’49, LL.D. ’67, his wife Mary Margaret “Moo” and their daughter Mary Patricia “Putter” Anderson Pence, makes public one of the world’s most substantial collections of modern and contemporary American art. The Anderson Collection, opening at Stanford University this September, features 121 paintings and sculptures from 86 renowned artists, such as Jackson Pollack, Willem De Kooning and Hans Hoffman. The work in the collection, which the Andersons built over the course of 50 years, exemplifies significant artistic movements in 20th century painting and sculpture, including Bay Area Abstraction, Bay Area Figuration, California Light & Space, Color Field Painting, Contemporary Painting, Funk, Hard-Edge Painting, New York School, and Post-Minimalism. The gift — “among the most magnanimous in recent memory,” as a recent review in the Los Angeles Times put it — is the latest instance of the Andersons’ artistic philanthropy. In the past, other pieces from their collection have been loaned to museums and special exhibitions at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. The Andersons have also gifted significant portions of their collection to these museums, including their extensive Pop Art collection to the SFMOMA and more than 650 graphic works to the FAMSF, establishing the Anderson Graphic Arts Collection. After serving in the U.S. Army during World War II, Hunk enrolled at Hobart and met Moo, then a student at D’Youville College, at the yacht club in Geneva. During Hunk’s senior year, he co-founded the food service company Saga with William F. Scandling ’49, LL.D. ’67 and W. Price Laughlin ’49. Hunk and Moo both graduated in 1949 and were married in 1950. When the Saga national headquarters opened in Menlo Park, Calif., in the early 1960s, they settled in the San Francisco Bay area. Soon after, they began collecting art. As the San Francisco Chronicle recently reported, Hunk and Moo “didn’t know much about art…before they first visited Paris in 1964 and made their way into the Louvre…. The museum excursion lasted only half a day, but it turned into a lifetime of collecting art. Fifty years and about 2,000 acquisitions later, Hunk and Moo…enjoy the sort of monosyllabic recognition in the American art scene that Sting, Cher and Prince command in pop culture.” Opening the weekend of Sept. 20, the Anderson Collection will be housed in a new 33,000-square-foot-building that includes dedicated gallery spaces, offices, a conference room, a library/study area and storage spaces. Read more news and reviews of the Anderson Collection here.