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Inaugural Teach for America Intern at HWS

Before beginning her senior year, Clover Quigley ‘15 worked for Teach for America at the Delta Institute in Cleveland, Miss., as operations coordinator of instructional resources. She has since been named the inaugural Teach for America intern at HWS, the student coordinator and liaison for HWS recruitment efforts.

At the Delta Institute, Quigley underwent intensive training with other newly hired employees who work across the southern U.S. As operations coordinator of instructional resources, Quigley was responsible for helping new teachers find materials and resources that matched the intended curriculum and vision of their classrooms.

“The experience gave me insight into what goes on inside the classroom,” Quigley says. “As well as how a non-profit organization of this size makes a lasting impact.”

Quigley first discovered Teach for America when a recruiter came to HWS last year. After a connection was made between herself and the recruiter, Quigley knew that Teach for America was an organization that she needed to be a part of. The liberal arts education that Quigley has received from HWS has allowed her to explore the issue of educational inequity around the country, and Teach for America is an organization that directly targets those inequities and works to make a difference in the education that children receive.

“The education I continue to receive at HWS has helped build my interest in the area of educational inequity based on my study of the intersections of race, class and privilege,” Quigley says.

“Seeing as these aspects of one’s identity are first and foremost uncontrollable, the outcomes they dictate rang a sort of bell in me. I wanted to get involved in an organization that was doing its part to fight the societal systems that use race, class and privilege to determine success.”

“The HWS Teach for America Recruitment Manager, Nicholas Diaz, visited campus this summer and is looking forward to returning to deepen Teach for America’s relationship with HWS through conversations about equal access to quality education in U.S. schools. Nicholas and I are thrilled to have Clover champion these campus conversations in her new role,” says Katie Flowers, director of the Center for Civic Engagement and Service Learning at HWS.

Quigley’s time so far at HWS has provided her with a strong support system that has encouraged her to explore her interests in educational inequity.

“HWS has taught me to be grateful every day for the education that I have been provided and continue to benefit from,” she says. “HWS has also taught me to take a chance, knowing that I will always have the support of a great institution that shares my values and beliefs about the issues regarding education inequity that face our generation today.”

On campus, Quigley hosts a radio show “Quigs Digs” on WHWS-FM, serves as co-president of Women’s Collective and an RA, and also is a lead Teaching Fellow in the Philosophy Department.

In October, Quigley and Diaz hosted a Teach for America information session. An additional Teach for America conversation was also hosted by Diaz. 

“We hope to increase interest among the HWS community based on the Colleges’ focus on service and leadership,” Quigley says.