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Straub Published in ‘Applications in Plant Sciences’

Assistant Professor of Biology Shannon Straub was recently published in Applications in Plant Sciences for her research on target enrichment and genome skimming for plant phylogenomics. Published by the Botanical Society of America, the journal marks Straub’s success at the top of her specialty while biologists worldwide praise her revolutionary research.

“I hope its adoption leads to many advances in the understanding of plant evolution in the coming years until it is feasible to sequence whole genomes for every species of interest,” says Straub.

Straub is co-lead author on the study, which was conducted by a team at Oregon State University and their international collaborator, and describes a method of assembling a data set of nuclear loci and plastomes for milkweeds.  The process-deemed Hyb-Seq-streamlines the process for collecting low-copy nuclear genes, which previously demanded an extensive amount of effort for each gene. Straub’s contributions are praised as “significant and exciting” by her peers across the field.


Next spring, Straub will integrate the research into her genomics class, where students will learn how to use the recently developed method while sequencing hundreds of nuclear genes and other genome elements. Biology students interested in learning more about genomics will also have the opportunity to conduct research with Straub during the summer.

Straub began her first academic year at the Colleges this month after four years at Oregon State University as a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Botany and Pathology. She received her bachelor of arts degree at the University of Colorado and her Ph.D. at Cornell University.