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Capraro Publishes Men’s Studies Essay

Senior Associate Dean of Hobart College and Assistant Professor of History Rocco “Chip” Capraro recently wrote about the experience of male students and the impact of men’s studies in an essay published by Inside Higher Ed, a leading website for news about higher education.

The essay, titled “Taking Male Students Seriously,” centers on how male students, in general, are faring nationwide in collegiate settings and what those experiences in college are revealing at a broader level. In addition, Capraro addresses the significance of men’s studies as an emerging field, as well as what its study means for both male students and scholars.

“Informed by men’s studies, we can better design programs and services for college men, with men in mind,” Capraro writes.

In the essay, Capraro explores a number of points about the student experience of men, including academic interests, educational success, social behaviors, engagement, and connecting to support. A full version of Capraro’s essay is available on the Inside Higher Ed website.

Capraro joined the HWS community in 1981 as a professor in the history department. He was appointed as a Hobart dean a few years later. Currently, he serves as dean for juniors and seniors at Hobart.

Capraro also coordinates the Committee on Standards and is the founding director of Men’s Lives, a series of four required workshops for Hobart students focusing on sexual assault prevention, health and wellness, careers, and diversity among men. He is also adviser to Bampton House and Chimera, the Hobart heritage and honors house and the junior honor society, respectively.

He teaches a variety of courses in cultural studies, including rock music and gender, golf course architectural history, the history and sociology men and masculinity, and the emotional life of wealth.

He earned his B.A. in history and philosophy from Colgate University and his Ph.D. in British and European history from Washington University. Capraro served on the Geneva City Council for a number of years.