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Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” at The Smith Thursday

Associate Professor of Art and Architecture Michael Tinkler will introduce Alfred Hitchcock’s critically acclaimed psychological thriller, “Vertigo,” on Thursday, Oct. 23 at 7:30 p.m. at the Smith Opera House.

The Smith Opera House will unveil its new movie screen with the classic Hitchcock film and tickets will be sold for 35 cents, the same price that the movie originally cost to see in 1958. The original trailer from the film will be shown as well.

The Paramount Studios film stars James Stewart, who plays the role of John “Scottie” Ferguson, a retired detective from San Francisco suffering from acrophobia and vertigo. The plot involves Scottie investigating the unusual activities of an old friend’s wife, played by Kim Novak, while becoming obsessed with her. The scary thriller is known as one of the first films to utilize the dolly zoom, a camera effect that distorts perspective to create disorientation and convey Scottie’s acrophobia.

Today, the movie is ranked as the 40th best film of all time by rottentomatoes.com, and the 67th best film of all time by imdb.com.

Tinkler joined the HWS faculty in 1999 after earning a B.A. from Rice University and a Ph. D. from Emory University. He teaches an array of art history courses, and much of his work focues on 8th- to 10th-century Europe, with a concentration on buildings having to do with the court of Charlemagne.