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Rimmerman on Lesbian and Gay Movements

Westview Press recently published the second edition of Professor of Public Policy and Political Science Craig Rimmerman’s book, “The Lesbian and Gay Movements: Assimilation or Liberation?” an exploration of the dilemmas that gay and lesbian movements have faced in a historical and contemporary context.

The new edition features updates throughout the entire book and covers issues that span the lesbian and gay movements from late 2007 until very early in 2014.  His work investigates various changes that have occurred since President Barack Obama took office.

“This edition was so important to write in order to document all of the positive changes that have happened since President Obama’s presidency but also to recognize what still needs to be done with the lesbian and gay movements,” says Rimmerman. 

Rimmerman tackles contentious gay and lesbian issues in this edition including the military ban, same-sex marriage, and HIV/AIDS.

“Sorting out the complications regarding same-sex marriage,” says Rimmerman when discussing some of the more challenging aspects of writing this second, edition.  “As well as the sadness I felt when writing about HIV/AIDS, which reminds me of how much work still needs to be done today with regards to HIV/AIDS.”

Rimmerman is the editor of “Service Learning and the Liberal Arts: How and Why It Works” (2009) and “The New Citizenship: Unconventional Politics, Activism, and Service” (fourth edition 2011).  In April 2005, Rimmerman was appointed series editor for Westview’s “Dilemmas in American Politics” book series.  Each book in the “Dilemmas” series addressed a real world problem and raises issues that are of most concern to undergraduate students.  In 2002, Rimmerman was appointed series editor for the Queer Politics, Queer Theories series at Temple University.  He is the author of eight books focusing on ongoing urgent social issues including From Identity to Politics: The Lesbian and Gay Movements in the United States (2001), and “The Presidency by Plebiscite: The Reagan-Bush Era in Institutional Perspective” (1992). 

Rimmerman’s expertise, especially at the intersection of LGBT issues and politics, is regularly sought by the national media including the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, CNN, Christian Science Monitor, Philadelphia Inquirer and the Los Angeles Times.

Rimmerman joined the Colleges faculty in 1986, with Ph.D. and master’s degree in political science from the Ohio State University.  He is a Congressional Fellow who worked on Capitol Hill as a legislative aide and continues to remain in touch with the nation’s capital in several ways, including leading Hobart and William Smith  Washington D.C. semester.