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CSA Hosts ‘Trip to the Tropics’

In annual fashion, the Caribbean Student Association (CSA) will host its semi-formal event, “Trip to the Tropics,” to celebrate the Caribbean’s melting pot of African, Asian and European heritage and culture.

Following an “under the sea” theme, “Trip to the Tropics” will feature a wide range of performances and activities, including a presentation by an animal handler, a Jamaican dance performance and live music from a steel pan band. The special CSA-hosted event will take place from 5 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 15 in the Vandervort Room of Scandling Campus Center. Tickets are $5 for students and $7 for non-students, faculty and staff. Children under 4 years old are free.

“As in the event title, ‘Trip to the Tropics,’ we want our guests to enjoy the beauty and culture of the Caribbean,” says CSA Prime Minister Rose Cherubin ’15. “The Caribbean is a place that prides itself on inclusivity and we reflect that in all of our events. Even our executive and junior board is comprised of students of diverse backgrounds, with some having cultural and historical connections to the Caribbean.”

With delicious food and fun for all, attendees will also have the chance to enjoy a presentation by an exotic animal handler from Mark’s Ark, which features live demonstrations with rescue animals. In addition, Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Kelly Johnson’s class DAN907, “Introduction to Jamaican Dance,” will perform a range of traditional and contemporary Jamaican dances during the event. Caribbean Extravaganza, a steel pan band from Trinidad, will also perform.

“The Caribbean Student Association has always tried to think outside of the box for our events and surprise the crowd with new performers,” Cherubin says.

With the CSA looking forward to spreading the traditions of the Caribbean islands with the HWS community, Cherubin says the student club reflects the inclusivity of the Caribbean in all of its events. “We believe that even among various social and ethnic groups, that in diversity exists unity,” she says.

Cherubin says that the CSA’s executive and junior boards are comprised of the diverse backgrounds of students, some of which have cultural or historical connections to the Caribbean. The CSA’s motto is “Divided by water, United by culture,” which will be upheld in this year’s “Trip to the Tropics,” as well as in future CSA events within the HWS community.

Weekly meetings for the CSA take place at the Intercultural Affairs House. The club promotes the issues and current events of the Caribbean, and hosts a number of large events throughout the year.