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HWS Collecting School Supplies

The HWS Coalition for Educational Equity (CEE) is sponsoring a school supplies drive to support the local Middle School and High School in Lyons, N.Y.

The drive begins during Reading Days on Saturday, Dec. 13 and will continue through Exam Days until Friday, Dec. 19.  Collection bins will be located in Scandling Campus Center as well as in residence halls on campus.

Stephanie Kenific ‘17, president of the CEE, is in the teacher education program working at the Lyons Middle School and High School, located in one entity, once a week.  “I’ve noticed that primarily teachers are the ones supplying kids with binders and folders and things like that, and they are running low,” says Kenific.  “We’re hoping to raise collections of basic school supplies like binders, dividers, book covers, loose-leaf paper, pens and pencils, things like that.”

This is an opportunity for HWS to give back and support local school districts.  “If we want to see change in school districts, especially school districts that are very impoverished, we also have to get involved with them in numerous ways” states Kenific. “I think it’s a really good experience for students to just be able to take part in a thing that is so easy but has such a big impact. It will really help kids out.”

The Coalition for Educational Equity is a nonpartisan educational advocacy group focused on fighting for equitable opportunities for all students in public schools. Among its topics of concern are educational policies at the state level. Begun in the spring of 2013, the organization has become dedicated to facilitating conversation between stakeholders of the educational process.

A major component of the CEE is to create a positive impact in and around the Geneva community to help fulfill to goals of Geneva 2020. Recently, the organization hosted a dinner titled “Teachers Supporting Future Teachers” for HWS students interested in making a difference in the field of education.

The CEE has a Facebook page as well as Facebook page event for the school supplies drive for more information and to stay up to date with the coalition.  On the event page, Rebecca Czajkowski ’18 created a video to help promote the drive and the link for that video is below:


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