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Careers in Manhattan and D.C.

From the HSBC Bank USA headquarters to Rockefeller Plaza, the 2015 New York City Finance Experience guided students across Manhattan to explore the ins and outs of the financial sector and network with alums, parents and their colleagues who are working at some of the world’s leading firms. The annual excursion, facilitated by the HWS Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education, took place from Wednesday, Jan. 7 to Friday, Jan. 9.

In addition to the 2015 finance program, the Salisbury Center also hosted several other career and networking events during winter break, including Day on the Hill in Washington, D.C.; the Behind the Scenes NYC entertainment and media trip, NYC Fashion Day, and NYC Advertising/Public Relations Day. During alternating years, other winter break experiences center on the environment and science, nonprofit organizations, economics, and the arts, as well as a Behind the Scenes trip to Los Angeles. Each year, participating students establish important professional connections, get access to behind-the-scenes perspectives, and even land internships and set the stage for possible future employment.

During this year’s Finance Experience, students connected with alums from HSBC Bank USA to discuss “Balance Sheet Management.” Alums from HWS included: Dennis Bakos ’91Greg Ciciola ’12Zach Dobbs ’10Chris Martin ’82, Jason Merritt ’09, Patrick Mueller ’99Greg Pierce ’85 and Jessica Tarantino ’12.

Following the meeting, the group will stop by JPMorgan Chase for a conversation on “Introduction to Disciplines in the Financial Industry” with John Hogan ’88, Eric Stein ’89, Chapin Bates ’81, Steve Bardong ’95, Will Brame ’06, Jesse Leiter ’09, Katie Michalek ’10, Michael Barlow ’11, Sarah Tarantino ’12, Mike Garland ’12, Adam Green ’12, Jon Lawless ’13 and Kevin Grogan ’11.

Other sessions included talks with representatives from financial information services firm, Markit, including HWS Trustee Chip Carver ’81, Adam Kansler ’90, Anna Darmiento ’09, Jen Crupnick ’10, Stephen King ’11, Shaun Viguerie ’12, Meghan Malia ’12, Whit Welles ’12, Marc Bertucci ’12, Nick Henkin ’12, Derek Akner ’12 and recruiter Elaine Rabkin, as well as representatives Bloomberg L.P.: William Banker ’70, Alan Fass ’64, Peter Mosca ’86, Carl Fischer ’96Adam Raffa ’06, Kenny Lyon ’06, Megan Walsh ’07, Alex Graf ’09, Andy Brennan ’09, Katherine Koelle’11 and Joe Gibbons ’14.

On Jan. 8, the sessions with students focused on investments, with destinations including Standard & Poor’s financial services, Morgan and Stanley Wealth Management, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Russell Investments. Alums attending and speaking at this trip included: Jeff Gerson ’85, P’16, Greg Meisel ’87 and Lisa Nelson ’12 of Morgan Stanley; Aileen Gleason ’85, Lindsey Farrell ’08, John-Michael Chadonic ’06, Stephanie Soybel ’11, Kiersten Hamilton ’12 and Sean Breen ’12 from Bank of America; and Cameron Lochhead ’82 and Rebecca Carr-Harris ’07 of Russell Investments.

The final day of the Finance Experience concluded with presentations by Credit Suisse, represented by HWS Trustee Craig Stine ’81, P’17, Gerry McGinley ’85 and Laura McGrath ’06, as well as a lunch with Deloitte, a financial consulting company, hosted by Vice Chair of the HWS Board of Trustees Andy McMaster ’74, P’09. Each opportunity during the three-day trip and other winter break career experiences is a direct result of the enduring connections made by alums and parents throughout the financial sector. As such, every presentation during the experience featured alums who have had success in the industry.

The trip offered students an opportunity to meet alums who have major experience in their fields of interest and to make lasting connections with professionals and companies. By putting on exhibit high-profile financial careers, the Colleges provide this select group of students with the ability to explore professional options in an exciting, firsthand manner.

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