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Dagle ’14 Teaches at North Street School

Though she graduated in May, Christina Dagle ’14 returned to classes in Geneva this fall–this time in a different role–as a teacher at North Street School. After a semester of student teaching in the Special Education program, Dagle was hired as a long-term special needs substitute teacher. Soon after, she was offered a position as an English teacher in the school’s dual language immersion program. 

Dagle teaches one of two fourth-grade dual language classes. Working with another teacher, the class is taught in Spanish for part of the day and in English for the remainder of the day. According to Dagle, about 50 percent of her students are native Spanish speakers and the rest are native English speakers. The goal of the program is to make the students fluent in both languages. Dagle, though already proficient in Spanish, says she is learning more of the language as a result of the class.

At HWS, Dagle majored in English and was part of the Teacher Education program, with a focus on special education. “I love special education because you get to work with smaller groups,” Dagle says. Through the Education Program, Dagle held student teaching positions at elementary schools in Canandaigua and Midlakes.  As a student, she also volunteered at the Happiness House.

Though Dagle knew that she wanted to be a teacher when she arrived at HWS, being part of the Teacher Education program confirmed her path.

“I got to start teaching my sophomore year. Getting into the classroom that early solidified my feelings.” For Dagle, the HWS Education Program offers something that others do not: “The program here is unique that you can still major in something else,” she explains.

Dagle is happy to be starting her teaching career so close to HWS. “”I love Geneva and I love the school district,” she says.