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HWS Students Join C2C Network

Three HWS students recently participated in a national conference based on environmental leadership. The C2C Fellows Network at the Bard Center for Environmental Policy is a nationally-competitive program for undergraduates and recent graduates aspiring to leadership positions in sustainable politics and business. Perry Fennell ’15, Kristin Cronmiller ’15 and Rachel Newcomb ’15 recently attended an intensive weekend conference at Bard College.

C2C offers workshops and informational session on leadership development and professional betterment, with a focus on environmental policy and action. In order to get ahead in the industry of sustainability, participants in the C2C conference connect to share their experiences in politics, business and education. Each graduate of the program then joins the program’s national network with access to continuing educational and professional opportunities.

“I gained tremendous clarity on how to jump start my career and move forward with what I want to accomplish in life,” reflects Newcomb. “Getting started is the hardest part, and going through the process of becoming a C2C Fellow showed me that it isn’t as daunting or difficult as many soon-to-be graduates anticipate it to be.”

According to Newcomb, applying to become a C2C fellow would give any student aspiring to enter the field of environmental policy a significant advantage during and after undergraduate education.

Fennell also says that he “gained confidence in my role and ability to benefit the environment and its sustainable future.” After attending the conference, Fennell was able to gain perspective on his plans for graduate education and career choices. An EcoRep and a mentor to Professor of Economics Tom Drennen’s first-year learning community, Fennell plans to attend graduate school and credits the conference with helping him to make this decision.

“My goal now is for greater participation in the program,” he says. “The conference gave me momentum as a soon-to-be graduate, and I want to see more undergraduate students doing the same thing.”

In the photo above, Rachel Newcomb ’15, Director of the Bard Center for Environmental Policy Eban Goodstein, Kristin Cronmiller ’15 and Perry Fennell ’15 pose for a photo following the C2C Fellows Conference on Environmental Leadership at Bard College.