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Simon ’10 Brings Novel to Kindle

Fantasy author and lawyer Shane Simon ’10 has recently re-released his popular novel, “The Prophecy,” on Amazon’s Kindle. Initially published in 2006, the first print edition completely sold out and is now available as an e-book.

Set in the fictional kingdom of Zalar, “The Prophecy” is an imaginative novel featuring protagonist Lionel Balimore who must unite the people of Zalar in order to defeat a threat to their kingdom. “The Prophecy” is a story centered on coming of age, magic, prejudice and friendship.

“Writing in the fantasy genre allows an author to create a world entirely their own and do whatever they want with it,” notes Simon.

The second novel in Simon’s trilogy, “The Quest,” is anticipated to hit the presses in 2016. The story will follow where “The Prophecy” leaves off.

“It’s been almost nine years since I finished the first book, so I have definitely matured as a writer and learned many new things I’m eager to incorporate into the next book,” notes Simon, a practicing attorney in Princeton, N.J.

“As I work toward completing and publishing ‘The Quest,’ balancing my career as an attorney is definitely hard,” he says. “But I absolutely love it!”

A Pennsylvania native from Bucks County, Simon double majored in political science and history, and double minored in international relations and writing colleagues.

“I can honestly say that choosing to attend HWS was one of the best decisions of my life,” he says.

He went on to earn a J.D. from Syracuse University.

“Learning how to analyze facts, think critically, and apply those facts to craft cogent and compelling arguments are all skills I honed in the classrooms at the Colleges,” says Simon.

At HWS, Simon took many courses with Professor of Political Science Iva Deutchman, who advised him during the Honors thesis process.

“That’s what is really so special about HWS,” he says. “The opportunity for students to cultivate meaningful and long lasting professional relationships with their professors is only available at a few colleges in the country, and HWS is one of them.”