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Robertson’s WWI book released in paperback

“The Dream of Civilized Warfare: World War I Flying Aces and the American Imagination,” by Linda Robertson of the HWS faculty, has been released in paperback and will soon be available at The College Store.

Published by the University of Minnesota Press, the book presents the story of the creation of the first American air force and how, through the propaganda of the flying ace, a vision of “clean” or civilized combat was sold to politicians and the public, masking the realities of modern ground warfare and developing the United States as a global military power.

Robertson is the founder and director of the HWS Media and Society program and has taught at the Colleges since 1986.

Her most recent scholarly analysis has been devoted to war propaganda and its historical influence on the American imagination. She has also written on the representation of U.S. and other air powers during the bombing of Belgrade and the Persian Gulf War, including “From War Propaganda to Sound Bites: The Poster Mentality of Politics in the Age of Television.”

Robertson is co-host of the weekly radio show “Plato's Cave,” broadcast on the Colleges' NPR-affiliate station, WEOS-FM. Her other scholarly interests have included the rhetoric of economics, feminist issues and politics. Her bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees are from the University of Oregon.