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Honig ’15 to Pfizer then Law School

Nick Honig ’15 is spending his summer as a general legal intern at Pfizer’s headquarters in New York City, an experience he hopes will provide insight for his future career in law. Upon completion of the internship, Honig will pursue his J.D. at Boston University’s School of Law in August.

“I am extremely excited for the opportunity,” says Honig, who completed Honors and graduated cum laude in political science in May. “The internship will allow me to explore a new realm of the legal world and give me experience working within a larger corporation and a legal profession that is not expressly connected to in-court litigation.”

Pfizer is a one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, producing medicine and vaccines for a wide range of medical practices. Honig says his internship is fairly “wide-ranging,” as his responsibilities range from shadowing and working with various members of the company to legal research and writing.

Specifically, Honig works within the regulatory, research and development, advertising and promotion, compliance, and intellectual property sectors of the company. His research focuses primarily on reviewing the company’s trademark search reports to ensure the requested Pfizer names do not infringe upon already registered trademarks. He’s also conducting research on various U.S. and state rules, regulations, and laws regarding various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, Honig attends meetings to discuss advertising campaigns and possible legal issues associated with the campaigns.

While his internship at Pfizer is his first experience working in the realm of intellectual property, Honig has garnered experience from previous internships over the past two summers working in smaller firms. Following his sophomore year, he interned with Shemtob Law, PC, a divorce & family law practice. Last summer, he worked with Legal Assistance of Western New York, where he focused on fair housing and other non-profit legal areas.

Honig says his time at the Colleges helped him select and prepare for a legal career, and he hopes this summer’s internship will further narrow his focus and help him choose a specialization in law school.

“The liberal arts education helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and formulate a plan based on those realizations,” says Honig. “It also helped prepare me for law school by improving my writing skills.”

In particular, Honig says his Honors project with Professor of Political Science Iva Deutchman was instrumental in helping him narrow down the particular branch of law that he will pursue in graduate school. His Honors work, “Coming Apart? The State of Geneva, New York,” examined the ways in which race, economic practices, jobs, religion and way of life affect two small, contrasting New York cities: Pittsford and Geneva.

“Nick Honig was one of the best writers I’ve encountered at HWS and I predict his talent will take him far. He’s smart, and such a decent guy; he makes teaching here special,” says Deutchman. “Honors work really helps students — all students — in something like law school. To someone who has written 80 – 95 pages, five or six pages is something you do before dinner!”

While on campus, Honig was a writing colleague minor and served as a writing fellow, as well as an Orientation mentor and Orientation leader.

In the photo above, Nick Honig ’15 works with his Honors adviser Professor of Political Science Iva Deutchman.