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Henley Royal Regatta- Day 2 of Racing

This article contains the updates from the Henley Royal Regatta on June 2nd, which is the second day of races for the Statesmen.

Greetings from the Henley Regatta,

Today was Day 2 of racing and all the Hobart crews were in action. We are enjoying raucous crowds and loud cheering sections due to the strong support we have from our parents, family, friends, and our alumni who traveled to England with us to participate in the 176th Henley Royal Regatta.

While the weather cooled down today, the racing definitely heated up! Our fours in the Prince Albert Challenge Cup were matched up against strong English competition. Hobart’s B entry raced Newcastle University down the course finishing two lengths behind. The official results of the race are:

Newcastle University ‘B’ beat Hobart College ‘B’, U.S.A. verdict – 2 lengths

race   day         station     barrier    fawley    finish

66     Thursday    1 – Berks     2.04      3.33      7.27

For those new to reading Henley results, the station is the lane the winning crew raced in. The stations are “Berks” (lane 1) and “Bucks” (lane 2). Another nuance of the race is that rather than breaking the course into standard distances like 500 meters, the regatta continues to use the original landmarks from 176 years ago. These landmarks are the “Barrier” and “Fawley,” which is just past Lord Fawley’s court/home from long ago.

Coach Keller’s assessment of the race was, “The guys did a great job of playing to their strengths and sticking to the race plan. They threw down a powerful base rhythm and ate into the Newcastle lead in the body of the race. Unfortunately, the Newcastle boat had a strong sprint and was able to open up the race in the last 1/4 mile. I’m proud of the guys for racing with guts, intensity, and for trusting each other.”

The Hobart A entry was in one of the “races of the day” as they battled an English crew from Oxford Brookes. Brookes, as they are known more commonly, is a deep and impressive team. Unfortunately for the Statesmen, they proved the better crew today. “The guys pushed Oxford Brookes down the race course from the first stroke to the last. The margin was never greater than 2/3 of a length. Watching the race was like two boxers delivering body blow after body blow to each other. Neither crew relented and neither crew quit. The guys raced exactly the way we ask Hobart oarsmen to compete: tough, aggressive, and courageous. I think the Oxford Brookes guys had to go to the very bottom of the well to win and in a race like that there are no winners or losers because each man gave every ounce of effort to succeed. I’ve never been prouder of a boat and the guys delivered a compete race,” Coach Keller said.

The complete results of this barnburner are:

Oxford Brookes University ‘A’ beat Hobart College ‘A’, U.S.A. verdict 2/3 length

race   day         station      barrier    fawley    finish

79     Thursday    2 – Bucks      2.02      3.26      7.05

The excitement of these races isn’t just due to the high standard of performance. The knockout format lends added pressure and urgency to the racing unlike any other regatta we’ve participated in. Our varsity eight was acutely aware of what was on the line as they prepared for their second race of the regatta.

Our Temple Challenge Cup eight raced against a familiar friend today in the University of Virginia. We annually scrimmage Virginia at the end of our spring training camp, and we knew that we were going to have to go deep within ourselves to create an advantage against such powerful racers. I’m pleased to say that the crew continues to improve every day and that today, we bested Virginia to progress to Day 3.

August Wherry said, “It was an exciting race that yielded the fastest time of the day. Racing such a good crew like UVA meant we had to get out hard and fast, so we focused on improving the start of our race. We were able to post one of the quickest times to the barrier with a 1:48. We jumped to an early lead and held off the Cavaliers by a length the rest of the way and concluded with a length victory. Despite the disappointment for our friends, the sportsmanship from both sides of the race remained high as smiles and hugs between crews ensued back on the docks.

The official results of the race are:

Hobart College, U.S.A. beat University of Virginia, U.S.A. verdict 1 length

race   day         station      barrier    fawley    finish

37     Thursday    1 – Berks      1.48      3.05      6.25

So, Day 2 ends with heartbreak and exhilaration. Such is the nature of competitive sport, but sometimes even in the swirl of emotions of racing we are lucky enough to find friends and support in the most interesting places. I was lucky enough to run into one of the original coaches, Boris Rankov, who is now a Steward of the Royal Henley Regatta. We got to share some stories and laughs, and once more I was reminded of how great it is to be Statesmen!

The varsity eight will race Columbia University in the quarterfinals on July 3 at 6 p.m. local time (1 p.m. ET).

Until tomorrow,
Coach Bugenhagen