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Dudestars, Inc. Launched by Mason ’07

Stemming from a vision he shared with his friends at HWS, Tyler Mason ‘07 has created Dudestars, Inc., a startup company which creates innovative “reward charts for the wicked.”

Much like reward charts used in elementary schools to promote good behavior, Dudestars keeps track of the noteworthy and memorable feats of friends or coworkers. Each Dudestars kit is comprised of a dry-erase laminated chart and a collection of stickers with different designs. Players are rewarded an appropriate sticker whenever they do something remarkable. Mason hopes to expand Dudestars in the near future with new chart and sticker designs and possibly a digital app. He launched a Kickstarter campaign to help expand the business.

“My friends and I came up with the idea for Dudestars during our senior year at HWS. We used the term to verbally award each other for funny stories, pranks or competitions. We actually considered trying to create the product back then, but it simply wasn’t a focus,” explains Mason.

With his classmates as the creative inspiration for Dudestars, Mason credits his experience playing Hobart football in fueling his entrepreneurial spirit. “I would say that I left HWS with an incredible work ethic and drive for success. I learned to embrace those values while playing football, where teamwork, focus, and a commitment to doing things the right way are simply part of the lifestyle.”

In addition to Dudestars, Mason has worked for a variety of companies across the country in movie production, telecommunications, advertising and marketing, and consulting.

After graduation he worked with movie writer and director Mark Neveldine ‘95 on his films “Gamer” and “Crank 2: High Voltage.” Mason is now settled in the Saratoga Springs area where he works on the sales team for FairWinds Partners, co-founded by Phil Lodico ‘00.

On campus, Mason majored in political science and minored in public policy and international relations.

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