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Exploring Business and Culture in India

This summer, two HWS students have had the unique opportunity to explore both the business and culture of India as interns for 2adpro, a global creative and advertising company. From leadership and advertising tasks to safaris and service projects, Teianna Chenkovich ’18 and Connor May ’16 have fully immersed themselves in both their internships and the surrounding communities.

“I have learned a lot about the Indian culture as well as the work ethics exhibited by workers abroad,” says May, a media and society major and economics minor. “I think, if anything, my time in India will provide me with a more worldly view and unique perspective into the things that I might take for granted back in the United States.”

2adpro provides high-quality print and digital design, marketing communications and advertising production solutions for companies around the world. With three offices in India and one in the U.S., from a standing start 2adpro has grown into the largest company of its kind. Todd Brownrout ’84 is the co-founder and president of the company.

Both students are interning in 2adpro’s Chennai, India office. Chenkovich is working on a project titled, Digital Ideas and Thought Leadership, while May is the operations intern for the company.

Chenkovich explains that the goal of her project is to create a way for the company to communicate educational and thought-provoking content with their clients that will situate themselves as a leader in creative problem solving, and identify who can create that content from within the company.

“It’s a pretty heavy task,” says Chenkovich, an anthropology and dance double major. “Mostly it’s a lot of thinking, sketching out ideas, creating system flow charts, forming project plans, learning more about the company, and meeting people who could contribute to the project.”

As the operations intern, May has been tasked with a wide array of projects ranging from basic reporting on volume data to creating different metrics and parameters in order to track internal performance. May has been working in the advertising operations sector of the company, where he’s responsible for the technical side of carrying out an online advertising sale between a publisher and an advertiser, as well as working on search landing page design. A search landing page is the page that consumers land on when typing a keyword into a major search engine, explains May. 

While much of their time is spent in the office helping to support the day-to-day operations of the company, 2adpro interns are also required to participate in a group task and a community service project, as well as sightseeing trips to nearby cities. The community service aspect of the internship, May says, has been his favorite part of the internship so far. The project consisted of collecting donations of oil, dal and sugar from the company’s employees and delivering the supplies to local orphanages and elder-care facilities. 

“It was an amazing experience to witness such genuine appreciation from underprivileged children,” he says. “HWS has certainly taught me that service goes a long way.”

In addition to carrying the Colleges’ emphasis on community engagement with them across the globe, both Chenkovich and May say their professors, extra-curricular engagements, and the Salisbury Center for Career Services and Professional Development have been instrumental in preparing them for both their internships and the experience of living in a foreign country.

“HWS has prepared me in a multitude of different ways, but I feel the most important way is that my liberal arts education has molded me into becoming a thinker,” says May. “Working for a digital media company, a good amount of my tasks seem mundane and tedious, but my liberal arts education has taught me to take a step back and view things with a wider lens or look at various tasks in the context of a bigger picture.”

Chenkovich says that her adviser, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Sociology Jason Rodriguez provided “invaluable insight” into the culture and business practices of Indian companies. Additionally, both students are grateful for the help and funding received from Career Services.

“I was told, ‘all you need to do is get yourself to India and we will take care of the rest,’ which was amazing,” says Chenkovich. “I would have had to turn down the opportunity if it hadn’t been for Career Services.”

Chenkovich and May are both active members of the HWS community. Chenkovich is involved with the Koshare Dance Collective, the Faculty Dance Concert, and the Junior/Senior Dance Concert, as well as America Reads, and a member of the student event staff. May is president of Kappa Alpha Society and treasurer of the Inter-Fraternity Council, as well as a member of the Stewardson Society executive committee and a student worker in the Office of Admissions.

“The summertime is the perfect opportunity to look at different abroad programs that HWS offers and take advantage of them,” says May.

The top photo features Teianna Chenkovich ’18 (second from right) and Connor May ’16 (third from right) on a trip to Nandi Hills, India with fellow 2adpro interns.