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Abramov ’16 Interns with NBC News

This summer, Nora Abramov ’16 is living out her dream of working at NBC News in New York City, where she’s working as a news specials intern. For the past three months, Abramov has been immersed in the fast-paced environment of network news, giving her the opportunity to contribute directly to the production of domestic and international breaking news stories from her support role in the control room. 

“Working at NBC has always been my dream, so finally being in this environment is the coolest thing ever,” says Abramov. “I can’t help but be excited about every single work day, even if it is a slower day. With breaking news, we usually don’t know what to expect, so going into work is always a surprise.”

Within her three months at NBC, her duties have included supporting control room producers and directors by managing phones during breaking news situations, special reports and live events. When there are no large breaking news stories, she manages and distributes a weekly on-call information note; transcribes, logs and digitizes archival footage for special projects; researches and writes biographies for various high-profile people; and books hotels for major events, such as the 2016 U.S. Presidential Primaries.

Abramov’s interest in working in news has been prevalent throughout her years at HWS. After contacting Career Services about her desire to work at NBC, they connected her with Sarah Nordgren ’76, director of content development at the Associated Press, and arranged for Abramov to visit the Associated Press in New York City on her winter break.

“This trip reinforced my desire to work in news,” she says. “In fact, my desire to work in a news organization hit an all-time high after that trip, and I used that motivation to do anything I could to work at NBC.”

The hands-on experience that she is receiving has strengthened her desire to work in news and enlightened her about the functions of a news station from an inside perspective.

“I’d say one of my favorite days was when we had three breaking news stories to cover in one day,” she says. “We spent the whole day in the control room, where all stories are produced. I love being in the control room because you literally see how it all happens. You see a story being produced onto live television, and I absolutely love seeing it all come together.”

The opportunity has allowed her to experience what it’s like to work in the field before officially entering the workforce.

“I also am in the process of doing a reel with one of the Nightly News directors,” Abramov says. “I wrote a script and I’m going to be able to get in front of the camera to record! I am interested in doing on-air coverage and reporting, so this experience has been really exciting.”

A public policy major with an economics minor, Abramov also participates in Habitat for Humanity and serves as a campus ambassador. She studied abroad in London last spring.

She credits the Colleges for helping her to bring her experience with NBC to fruition.

“HWS is wonderful because faculty and staff encourage you to try different things, take different classes, and find out where and how you want to fit into this world, and for that I will forever be grateful,” Abramov says.