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Hobart soccer blogs from Europe

The Hobart soccer team was traveling abroad in Germany, Holland and Belgium. The team was spending its time abroad sightseeing, training and playing against European youth club teams. The Statesmen have been sharing updates throughout the trip. This article contains the August 5-6th update for the European soccer excersion.

August 5-6

After a long day (or two? – the time difference is a bit confusing) we have arrived in Germany. We met as a group at JFK airport, flew overnight to Dublin, Ireland. There, we took a connecting flight to Amsterdam. From Amsterdam, we traveled by bus to Kamen, Germany. Kamen is a small suburb of Dortmund. We are staying at a world class training facility, SportCentrum Kamen Kaiserau.

Arriving on Wednesday, we took a day to get our legs and bodies adjusted. Exploring the city of Dortmund, we got our first taste of a European city. We are looking forward to seeing the sights – some soccer related but also for a new cultural perspective.

On Thursday, we had our first match against a local German academy club, TSV Marl Hüls. The Statesmen were victorious, 3-0. The opening goal came from senior DJ Clark midway through the first half. It proved to be enough, but second half goals came from junior Joe Busuttil and senior Zico Gaeffke. Sophomore goalkeeper Morgan Sawyer also came through with a big second half save to preserve the clean sheet.

-Coach Griffin

Postmatch interview with junior Sean Barry

Q: After the first game how do you think the team did as a whole?

A: I think our team played well, stepping back and thinking that this was our first real time all playing together this year. It was a promising start, and hopefully we can build on our positives, and keep improving.

Q: Did TSV Mark Hüls remind you of any team you faced last season?

A: To be honest, not really. They had a different style of play that was very technical, but it was obvious that they were not as physical as teams in our league. It was nice running around the pitch with the boys, and it felt even better to start off the trip with a win.

Q: What country are you most excited to play in?

A: I am ecstatic to play in all three countries we are traveling to, but I think the Netherlands has my vote for the one I am most excited to play in. This will be an experience of a lifetime with 20 of my best friends.

Next match will be Saturday morning. Updates to come!

Bis später! (Until Later!)