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UPstander Campaign Underway

The Office of Student Activities will promote an UPstander campaign across campus beginning on Monday, Sept. 7. Throughout the week, staff and students from the Division of Student Affairs, Residential Education, and the Office of Student Activities will table in the Scandling Campus Center from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., asking members of the HWS community to sign the declaration and pledge to not be a bystander.

Those pledging agree to show respect and compassion toward others and to not use hurtful language about any person. A portion of the pledge states, “I will not use demeaning language, slurs, gestures or jokes about anyone’s sexuality, size, gender… any kind of disability, religion, income… even if they behave that way to me.”

“The goals of the campaign are good practices anytime and anywhere,” says Kristen Tobey, director of student activities. The effort is being held in conjunction with the national anti-bullying campaign that was created to raise awareness and promote safety.

Part of the campaign includes a campus-wide Facebook effort for members of the HWS community to change their Facebook profiles to include the “I am an UPstander” photo. There will also be “I am an UPstander” cards for students, faculty, and staff to apply to their office and residence hall doors.

The effort aligns with the bystander training that first-year students are undergoing, Tobey says. “I am happy to lead the effort to raise awareness about the language people use and to help show ways that we can all create a positive community.”