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Discussing the Art World with Colon ’01

Peter Colon ’01, associate director at the DC Moore Gallery in New York City, will return to campus to talk with students, faculty and staff about his career in the art world on Friday, Sept. 25.

During the informal talk, held from 2:30 to 4 p.m. in the Houghton House living room, Colon will share his reflections on what drew him to the gallery system, why he loves the industry, and what his day-to-day responsibilities encompass, including his work with notable contemporary artists.

“It’s exciting to have Peter back on campus. Peter is a dynamic person, who has achieved a tremendous amount on the basis of his passion for art, his talent in the field, and his determination,” says Professor of Art and Architecture Nick Ruth. “Peter’s expertise in all aspects of the world of art galleries will be invaluable to our students. Peter is still a young man, but his career has already included working at some of the best galleries in the country, and he will will be able to give our campus community insight into how galleries select and then nurture artists, how collectors build their collections, and the relationship is between commercial galleries and public museums. This is a great chance for us to have an informative discussion with a friend and alum who is sure to be inspiring.”

Having previously worked as associate director at the Matthew Marks Gallery, Colon joined the DC Moore Galley, which represents artists such as Mary Frank, Jimmy Wright, Valerie Jaudon and Robert DeNiro Sr., whose oil painting, “Still Life with Yellow Chair” (1979), is part of the Collections of Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

Colon began his career in the art world early, interning at the magazine ARTFORUM as a sophomore. At HWS, he majored in studio art and Asian studies, studied abroad in Italy, graduated with honors, and later earned his license in Project Management from Boston University.

After working in publications, Colon began working with artists, institutions, and collectors through several reputable national galleries, including the Alpha Gallery in Boston and, in San Francisco, the John Berggruen Gallery, the Hackett-Freedman Gallery, and the Fraenkel Gallery, a prestigious photography gallery where he spent seven years, rising to the level of associate.

A worldwide member of The New Art Dealers Alliance, Colon is passionate about artist development, communications, education, working closely with collectors, and liaising with private and public collections.