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Cruz ’11 Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Walter Cruz ’11 got his first taste of entrepreneurship as an undergraduate at HWS when he partnered with two of his housemates to create and sell shirts and sweatshirts to classmates, friends and family. Now, his sights are set on reaching a Kickstarter fundraising goal for his new venture, Superego, a creative collective that produces lifestyle products and content while providing top-of-the-line hemp products for wholesale buyers.

After graduating with a major in architectural studies and a minor in studio art, Cruz held various positions with Superego, becoming creative director in fall 2014. Focusing primarily on producing shirts, Superego’s aim is creating the “most comfortable hemp shirt in the world” as well as offering an environmentally sustainable way to produce clothing.

By running a Kickstarter campaign, Cruz and his team hope to reach $25,000 by Friday, Oct. 16. In just the first 16 days, the campaign reached nearly 75 percent of the funding goal and has had more than 232 backers. Superego also has been selected by Kickstarter to be featured as a “Kickstarter Staff Pick.” For information about the campaign and to become a backer, visit the Superego Kickstarter page.

In the next five to 10 years, the Superego team sees their company as a globally recognized brand. “I see Superego growing from a small enterprise to a full-scale company that not only provides high-quality products but is also an industry leader in advocating for environmental and social movements outside of textiles,” Cruz says.

During his time at the Colleges, Cruz was actively involved both on- and off-campus, particularly in activities that involved community service.

“I grew a lot from my courses with Assistant Professor of Art and Architecture Kirin Makker,” he says. “Her honest feedback and critiques are what helped me become more objective with my work and able to take criticism without being offended. I owe her a lot for my creative process.”