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Alumnus Pitifer has novel published

Mark Salvatore Pitifer ’82 recently released a novel, “Return to Forever,” which has been described as an ethical adventure through the land of the mortal, the immortal and the beyond.

“I had always believed that someday I would write a novel that would help break down the barriers that separate human beings, and give them something to hope for,” he said recently.

“In 1991, I became a father, and later that same year lost my own father. These life-changing events caused my soul to awaken. My childhood dream would either become a reality, or vanish forever …”

The book explores what might happen if religion is right about God and Heaven, but wrong about how to get there. In the novel, Nino Jones, an elderly homeless man from New York City, agrees to join a group of heavenly mercenaries who are risking their eternities to pull off one of the most heroic challenges of all time. The target is Satan himself and the future of the whole civilized world hangs in the balance.

In addition to his bachelor's in psychology from Hobart College, Pitifer holds a master's degree from State University College at Brockport. He has been a school/family counselor and coach for more than 20 years. His articles have been published in many newspapers including the New York Daily News; his family’s band, All God’s Children, has released several CDs. Mark and his wife Leigh Ann, an instructor in the HWS Sport and Rec Center, are the parents of three children; the family lives in Geneva.

Return to Forever is available at the College Store,, and Signed copies are available through Pitifer's Web site,