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Flores Brothers America’s Top 40 Under 40 Tastemakers

Anthony ’09 and John Belliveau-Flores are featured on the cover of Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s October 2015 issue. Their cider imports company earned the brothers a spot on the magazine’s “40 Under 40 Tastemakers” list.

Dubbed the “leaders of the cider revolution,” the brothers are the co-owners of Rowan Imports, LLC based in Brooklyn, N.Y. Founded in 2011, the Flores brothers began their company with a goal: “to share our love of this historic and delicious beverage with our customers, partners and fellow enthusiasts. Focusing on small, family-owned producers and time-worn regional cider traditions, we hope to illustrate the incredible depth and complexity of the humble apple.”

Originally from Geneva, the brothers are the sons of the late Professor of American and Women’s Studies Toni Flores, who taught at the Colleges from 1971-1997. Flores received the Faculty Prize for Curriculum Development in 1981 and was appointed to the Harter Chair in Humanities and Social Sciences from 1990 to 1992. Flores was recognized as a prolific writer, poet and essayist, and a beloved member of the HWS community.

Anthony says that being raised in the HWS community helped him and his brother prepare for their current career. “Growing up in the community and being steeped in the academic environment prepared and encouraged us to explore and do the things we loved,” he says. Anthony notes that being a small business owner has been rewarding, “knowing that our work has allowed others to grow, live and experience new things alongside us.”

As the first cider-only import company in the United States, the brothers have become leaders in the industry, which Anthony compares to Finger Lakes wines. “Cider as a category is still largely unknown and underappreciated, and we’re always looking for new ways to introduce and promote the products,” he says.

The brothers founded their company after spending time in the famed cider region of Asturias in Spain. They recognized the lack of high-quality international ciders in the United States, and aimed to fill that gap with ciders from France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom..

“We wanted to find a way to combine our passion for food, travel and meeting people,” says Anthony. “We had never really discussed owning our own business, but in hindsight it was the only way to accomplish our goals.”

The full “40 Under 40 Tastemakers” list can be viewed here: http://www.winemag.com/September-2015/Americas-Top-40-Under-40-Tastemakers/index.php/cparticle/14.