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Alumna Pulver publishes new book

Robin Pulver, a member of the William Smith Class of 1967, is the author of a new book, “Nouns and Verbs Have a Field Day,” published by Holiday House Inc.

A reviewer has written that “the creators of 'Punctuation Takes a Vacation' (Pulver and illustrator Lynn Rowe Reed) sentence readers to a good time with this follow-up.

“Feeling left out after the children in Mr. Wright's class thunder outside for a Field Day, the nouns and verbs left in the classroom decide to organize events of their own. But having chosen like parts of speech for partners, “Glue, Markers and Tape stuck together.

“Shout wanted to be with Cheer. So did Chew and Eat,” and it quickly becomes apparent that as opposing teams they can't actually do anything.

“Depicting the Nouns as objects and the Verbs as hyperactive v-shaped figures, Rowe creates a set of high-energy scenes, climaxing in a Tug of Words and other contests once the participants figure out that they'll work better mixed rather than matched.”

The book is full of pictures, and best for children between 4 and 8; copies are available at The College Store.