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Calnan ’17 Reflects on Engineering Program

Scott Calnan ’17 has always had a creative and inventive mind. That focus, combined with a passion for mathematics, physics and other areas of science have been the catalyst for his exploration of engineering as part of the Colleges’ special dual-degree program with the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College.

“I chose the HWS Physics Department’s engineering dual-degree program because it will allow me to receive both a liberal arts degree and an engineering degree,” says Calnan, who is currently studying at Dartmouth.

Through the joint degree program, Calnan will earn a B.S. in physics from Hobart College as well as an engineering degree from Dartmouth. Students of the program typically spend their first two years at the Colleges, the third year at Dartmouth, their senior year back in Geneva to finish their HWS degree and graduate with their HWS classmates, and then a fifth and final year at Dartmouth.

Following HWS Commencement 2017, Calnan will head back to the Thayer School of Engineering to complete his fifth year of undergraduate studies in order to also earn a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Dartmouth College.

Calnan credits HWS for preparing him to succeed academically. He says that as a member of HWS sailing, he also gained time management skills that are beneficial for handling the workload and the pace of the courses, which will increase in rigor in his physics and engineering studies at both schools.

“Academically, I feel like the classes I have taken at the Colleges have set me up well for the classes I am taking at Dartmouth,” Calnan says. “I’ve gained a solid foundation in physics, mathematics and computer programming.”

Calnan says when he arrived at HWS as a first-year student, Professor of Physics Donald Spector who is the coordinator of the dual-degree engineering program, offered guidance and mentorship since his very first day. This allowed Calnan to successfully apply for acceptance into the program halfway through his sophomore year at HWS.

While at Dartmouth, Calnan hopes to acquire the mathematical and scientific skills needed to pursue his career path as an electrical engineer.  At a school that stresses the fact that its engineers have the necessary skillset to present materials in a comprehensive manner, he is excited to have gained the liberal arts background at HWS.