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Abramov ’16 Covers N.H. Primary with NBC

Following an internship with NBC News last summer, Nora Abramov ’16 recently worked as a “runner” to support the network’s coverage of the New Hampshire Primary. Abramov assisted with the Democratic debate hosted by MSNBC on Thursday, Feb. 4, and helped with coverage of the ballot results on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

“I really love the team I got to work with at NBC over the summer and I am so excited to work with them again during the debate and primary,” says the public policy studies major. “This is the industry I want to be in for the rest of my life, and to be able to already experience it, as a college student, with such a renowned news organization is very humbling.”

As an intern in the Breaking News and Elections Department last summer, Abramov says much of her work involved preparing for the election season. Responsible for many of the logistical aspects of planning debates, such as booking hotels and finding venues, Abramov says she was “beyond excited” when she was asked to cover the New Hampshire Primary while visiting her news team over winter break.

“It is such a dream come true,” Abramov says. “I so badly wanted to see all of the work we put in during the summer play out.”

Abramov’s responsibilities began with the MSNBC Democratic Debate at the University of New Hampshire in Durham that was moderated by Chuck Todd, who visited the HWS campus in 2010 as part of The President’s Forum, and Rachel Maddow.

Following the debate, Abramov began helping NBC prepare for the primary, the next major electoral event following the Iowa Caucus.

“I can’t believe I actually got to see a live debate, and was able to help make it all happen. This is such an amazing opportunity,” Abramov says. “It’s crazy to think that this time last year I was just starting to apply to intern for NBC. I would have never imagined that in one year I would be going to the debate and primary with them.”

On campus, Abramov serves as a campus ambassador and is also a reporter for WHWS-FM. She studied abroad in London last spring.