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Fiks help explore the Adirondacks

John Fik, HWS Grounds and Landscape Manager, and his wife, Susan, recently began their weekly series of programs exploring the beauty, culture and controversy that is the Adirondack Parks.

The series, “Adirondack Trails: Inside The Blue Line,” started from their passion for the beauty that is the Adirondacks. They have been going to the Adirondacks for more than 40 years and have fished, hunted and hiked many of spots that will be featured on the show.

The series began in January on Channel WB16 from Rochester.

Devoted to everyone who enjoys the great outdoors, Adirondack Trails is a half hour weekly series that travels “within the blue line” that is the park's mostly-invisible boundary, and covers a variety of outdoor activities.

Viewers will be taken to all parts of the Park in all four seasons to help them understand and appreciate the natural resources with in it. While fishing and hunting will play a role in some of the shows, they will also be hiking up some of the over 1,500 miles of trails and canoeing the thousands of miles of waterway with in the park. They will look at the great camps and find out what makes them so great.

Because the Adirondack park is a patchwork of public and private lands, they will look at some of the controversies surrounding the park, including ATV and snowmobile use as well as the possibilities of a hiking permit system for the high peaks area.

For details, visit the show's Web site,

A story from the Rochester D&C about their work is available,”>.