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Stewardson Society Hosting Spring Formal

As one of the final opportunities to celebrate and gather as the Classes of 2016 prior to Senior Week and Commencement, the Stewardson Society chairs are organizing a senior class Spring Formal on Friday, April 1, from 8 to 10 p.m. in Bartlett Theatre.

“Our goal is to celebrate ourselves as a whole one more time before we all sit together again at graduation,” says Alexander Oliveira ’16, Stewardson Society tri-chair. “We hope that with this formal we can all feel the classes’ unity that has been present throughout our college years but not always at the forefront of our routines.”

Named for The Reverend Langdon C. Stewardson, the first president of the combined Hobart and William Smith Colleges, the society organizes members of the senior classes to present HWS with a gift in honor of their graduation. Since the 1980s, the tradition has united seniors with alums who have preceded them. The senior chairs, which include Hannah Cooper ’16 and Afrika Nora Owes ’16 in addition to Oliveira, are hoping that the Spring Formal becomes a new tradition for the Stewardson Society to hold as a capstone event each spring.

Students are asked to wear formal attire to the event. There will be drinks and snacks provided, as well as drink specials for seniors who join the Stewardson Society at the door. Students must be members to attend the event, and are required to give a minimum gift of $20.16, in honor of their class year, to join.

With 230 members, the senior classes currently have a 40.35 percent participation rate and have raised a total of $8,448 to date. The participation rate of seniors varies from year-to-year; last year, for example, the Classes of 2015 finished with 71 percent participation. The Classes of 2016 have set 75 percent as their goal, and are hoping to boost membership through participation at the formal.

Students can become members prior to the formal by joining online at, at