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Alumni authors’ works now available

Three books by two alumni authors are now available at the College Store.

David J. Nowel ’59 is the author of “Nickers, The Fish From Far, Far Away,” and “For Males Only: The Manual: How to Avoid Dating and Save Thousands of Dollars.”

Benjie Meleras ’85 is the author of “The Golden Moment.”

“Nickers” is a fable that takes place in Connecticut in the late 1930s. It is the story of Alex, who learns about the world and about his own family. It is also a story about a young boy who is able to see the magic around him. This story fits into Nowel's SpaceStation Ark series.

“For Males Only” is controversial because it attacks a system that has been around for 100 or more years and because it attacks the foundation of our society's hypocrisy and the males' relationship to females. The advice given will serve its purpose if followed religiously, according to one reviewer.

“Golden Moment” tells of an 18-year-old who follows his dream of becoming a professional baseball player, with the suffering and loss that often accompanies fulfilled dreams.